Suffering Bible (Review)

Director – Davide Pesca (After Midnight, A Taste of Phobia)
Starring – Nicola Fugazza and Mery Rubes (Rage Killers, Fame de Vampira)
Release Date – 2018
Rating – 1/5

I follow a lot of different companies that release some seriously fun titles. Over the years I’ve became a fan of Wild Eye, MVD, Brain Damage, Midnight Films, Troma, Scream Team Releasing, SRS Cinema, and so on. They don’t always release a movie that I love but a majority of their releases entertain. The last few days I decided to work through some movies that had been sent my way for review that I had neglected. A few of those releases from SRS Cinema.

After watching Bad CGI Sharks I decided it was time to give 2018’s Suffering Bible a spin. I had not heard of this one prior to receiving it for review so I couldn’t wait to see what was waiting for me. Thanks SRS and MVD for sending this one over!

**spoiler Alert** The film consists of short segments, or chapters, that are loosely based on biblical stories ranging from torture, cannibalism, and self-mutilation. **spoiler Alert**

I’m a member of several horror and collectors groups so it’s not often I come across a movie that I’ve at least never heard of the title before but Suffering Bible from SRS seems to have slipped by several of us. Which is weird considering a sequel was released not long after this one. Sadly, once I tossed this one in I soon discovered why this one is not mentioned in these groups.

The “acting” in this one is hard to explain. The segments are people acting out crude and brutal acts on themselves or others. There is no character development, personalities, or acting in general. Just people doing things on camera. The stories for this one is a tongue in cheek take on pieces of the bible that have nothing to do with one another. The movie is just segment after segment of people making a bloody mess with no real hint of a story to hold it together. Gore for the sake of gore.

Finally, the film boasts some pretty impressive practical effects. This is the only real redeeming quality of the film. The lack of a story to hold everything together really is a disappointment because the effects really are something to be seen. Overall, Suffering Bible is an arthouse approach to extreme horror but the lack of story and characters makes it a painfully dull experience which is a damn shame because the effects are worth it. This is one I cannot and will not recommend.

Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.