Indie Filmmaker Turned Game Designer to Release New Horror Inspired Games

For 15 yea+rs underground Director / Producer Nick (Nik) Box with his Company / Collective Dead Good Films Like released over 50 Films features and shorts on tiny budgets which found fans all over
the world, Crazy titles like Brutal Jesus, Dracula Vs The Ninja on the Moon, She’s Dead, the infamous MRFD and the Documentary Andrew WK Party Safari which premiered at the 2014 Cannes
Film Festival to name a few.

Now in 2020 the year where everything is different Nick has made the switch from Filmmaker to Game Developer Inspired by the FMV Video Games of the 90s Night Trap, Double Switch,
Phantasmagoria and the modern resurgence of Interactive films with the likes of Bandersnatch, Nick has spent most of the lockdown months hidden away rebranding himself with his new Company
Let’s Go to the Grindhouse Games focusing on FMV Games and Interactive films.

Nick has been hard at work Re-purposing some of the DGFL catalogue and unfinished projects into Games with the intent to release 1 a month digitally for the next 12 months on Platforms like Steam, Android and IOS.

The first Release Wrath Of the Violent Vicar is an Interactive version of the 2012 film of the same

“I chose to do Violent Vicar first as I have always had 2 separate cuts of the film one of which was only ever seen on a really limited Blu-ray years ago and I also had unseen footage from the never
finished Violent Vicar 2 so this was all perfect for an interactive version. The player / Viewer can select 2 different versions of the Jesus Character to guide them through the film and a choice of standard or Extended kills mixing these choices up changes the path of the film and unlocks scenes never seen before.”

Violent Vicar Launches on Steam on October 30th You can Wishlist it now at

The next titles to be released after Violent Vicar will be 3 Men and a Body based on Nick’s Award winning 2012 feature She’s Dead a film that takes place in real time this Interactive game will have 3 Different cuts of the film running simultaneously and the player can jump between the 3 timelines to alter the tone and style of the film with subtle to major differences between the scenes and multiple

And Sinister Vibrations based on the 2017 feature film Strange Vibes these are due out in November
and December.

Nick also has a free mini game available on called The Boy in the Dark

Dead Good Films Like has 2 documentaries in Post Production Anthology Man and The MovieUpdate Movie both of these are still due for a 2020 release more news to follow.

For more information contact Nick on twitter @NickFMVdev

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