Death Toilet Number 2 (Review)

What you call hell, Brett Baxter calls the commode

Director – Evan Jacobs (Death Toilet, The Reckoning)
Starring – Isaac Golub (Black Friday, DV2) and Mike Hartsfield (Ultimate Target, The Riverbed)
Release Date – 2019
Rating – 2.5/5

Early last year I was digging around on social media when I came across the no budget horror comedy Death Toilet. This is the kind of movie that I love. Movies often take themselves too seriously and try to pull off they don’t have the budget nor know how to do so. Movies that don’t take themselves too seriously are the kind of movies that I live for. When I got it in I checked it out and loved it. It was cheap and funny. When director Evan Jacobs announced a sequel I had to own it as well. I sit on it a few months and with my October horror binge in full swing I decided it was time to give it a go.

**Spoiler Alert** The film picks up some time after the events in the first film. Brett Baxter survived and successfully sued big toilet companies. His life of fighting possessed toilets is behind him…so he thought. His is priest and best friend comes calling he soon discovers that not only are toilets becoming possessed again but so are the showers. **Spoiler Alert**

Death Toilet had me laughing and I love how simple, absurd, and goofy it was. Most indie horror features refuse to just have fun which is what made this one so enjoyable. It wasn’t trying to reinvent the genre or make a name for itself. Instead, it wanted to make the viewer laugh and it succeeded. The sequel followed in the original’s footsteps but lost wind pretty quick. It had some fun moments but the gimmick just wasn’t the same this time around.

The acting in this one is more of what you got in the first film. The cast offers up some comedic performances and plenty of laughs but the acting is far from perfect. Fans of Troma will know exactly what I am talking about and many of us come to love these kind of performances. You may laugh at how the two leads ham up their scenes but you will never forget their performances here.

The story for this one is more of what we got in the first flick with very little story progression. It was funny at first but the same jokes and almost the same scenes as the first film made this one a little less fun. I love sequels when they progress the story further than the previous installment. The rehashing of the first film just wears the joke of it all too thin.

Finally, the film is not a bloody flick but if you love cheap CGI explosions then you are in luck because this film is fucking full of them! Overall, Death Toilet Number 2 is not as fun as the first film. However, if you have some friends over and a few beers then you may actually enjoy yourself with this one.

Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.