Inhumanwich! (Review)

Terror beyond your wildest appetite

Director – David Cornelius (The First Date, Some of My Best Friends)
Starring – Matt Laumann (The Polterguys, 1000 Ways to Die), Michael Peake (Day Four, The First Date), and Jack Burrows (Frog Wife, Parks and Recreation)
Release Date – 2016
Rating – 4/5

Over the years I’ve collected several thousands of movies. I used to have a room in my home dedicated to housing my collection but since the fire and the remodel my collection is still in totes. I hate not seeing my collection on shelves and with that many movies I often forget about what I’ve collected.

A few days ago I pulled out a few totes to go through for movies to watch for my October horror binge when I found my copy of Inhumanwich! on blu. This is a blind buy from a couple years ago. A friend of mine of was selling some of his movies and I pulled the trigger on them. Most of them were movies I had never heard of and I wanted them for my collection but I never had the time to check them out. I can’t believe I waited this fucking long to watch this amazing piece of indie cinema! It was damn near perfect.

**Spoiler Alert** The film follows an astronaut in space who travels through a radioactive field while eating a sloppy joe. The radiation mixes his DNA with that of the sloppy joe turning him into a flesh eating mound of meat. He returns to Earth and goes on a rampage devouring everyone it encounters forcing the military to get involved. **Spoiler Alert**

I love the goofy side of indie cinema. When a movie takes itself too seriously I often find myself becoming bored and unimpressed. Most lack the budget to pull off a serious flick but, in all honestly, the horror comedies are where my heart lies. Inhumanwich! is everything that I’m looking for in an indie flick. I had me laughing, the story is fun and engaging, and it didn’t waste my time with pointless dialogue.

The acting in this one is over the top and very dramatic but in a slapstick inspired manner. I really loved the energy and enthusiasm the cast brings to the film which only helped shape the tone of the film. The characters are extremely fun with perfect comedic timely and fun personalities.

The story for this one is clearly a parody of the classic sci-fi horror film The Blob. The blend of comedy, sci-fi, and horror works very well. I found myself completely pulled in by the story and there was plenty of laughs to be had. Most movies like this over do it with the stupid humor and repetitive humor but this one continuously caught me off guard. The Blob parody works as a basis but the film offers up it’s own unique spin to it without over doing it.

Finally, this is not a bloody flick. However, it does a fantastic job at delivering old style visual effects and camera tricks to get that 1950s and 60s sci-fi movie vibe. I loved the look of the creature and the old style effects really helped with the tone of the film. Overall, Inhumanwich! may not be the movie you want for your Halloween season but you can watch this movie at anytime and enjoy yourself. I can see myself watching this one several more times before the year is over and one I will consistently watch over the years. I fucking love it and I’m sure you will too if you give it a chance


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