Blu Review – La Femme-Objet (Pulse Video)

Plug her in… she’ll do tricks for you!

Director – Claude Mulot (Sins of the Flesh, The Blood Rose)
Starring – Marilyn Jess (Emmanuelle IV, Forbidden Senses), Richard Allan (Porno Poker, Sweet Dreams), and Catherine Marsile
Release Date – 1981
Rating – 3.5/5
Blu Release – 3/5

A few weeks ago I received Sins of the Flesh from Mondo Macabro for review. I had never seen this sexploitation flick before and was very curious about it. When I was able to finally see it I was really impressed by it all. The director, Claude Mulot, had directed a few horror films before moving over to sexploitation and eventually hardcore. I wanted to see some of his other films and that’s when I learned that a new Vinegar Syndrome partner label, Pulse Video, was putting out a hardcore film from Mulot titled La Femme-Objet which was also released as Programmed for Pleasure.

**Spoiler Alert** The film follows a writer with an incredibly high sex drive. After going through several girlfriends and secretaries he decides to build the perfect woman. His newest creation, a beautiful blonde built to pleasure, soon starts thinking for herself with unpredictable consequences. **Spoiler Alert**

Sexploitation is not for everyone. Hell, I didn’t think I would like them when I first started receiving them for review from Vinegar Syndrome and Impulse Pictures. However, once I started checking them out I discovered that, just like any exploitation sub-genre, you can really enjoy them if you give them a chance. La Femme-Objet is a fun sexploitation flick that I really enjoyed.

The acting in this one is a little better than most sexploitation flicks. The sex is the real point of the film but the scenes leading up to the sex are decently acted. The characters are rather fun but the dialogue is a little on the awkward side. The cast was clearly there for the love scenes.

The story for this one is a solid medley of sci-fi and erotic but it’s oddly familiar. As I type this I realize that this one is familiar to the 1971 sexploitation film Robot Love Slaves from 1971. I reviewed this one some time back when MVD sent me the AGFA release with Batpussy. Both films follow someone who creates a sex robot only to have them go too far. It really works but I would be utterly shocked if Mulot had not heard of Robot Sex Slaves prior to filming this.

Finally, this is not a bloody sci-fi flick. However, it’s full of nudity, corny dialogue, and plenty of cum shots. Overall, La Femme-Objet is a gorgeous and sleazy good time. The story may not be original but it surely entertains. I highly recommend checking out this historic French porn. The blu from Pulse Video will surely impress you.

Special Features:
Region Free Blu-ray
THE LAST PORNO IN PARIS, the making of La Femme-objet told by Marylin Jess, Didier Philippe Gérard, Richard Allan, Francis Mischkind & François About (55 minutes)
Francis Misckind restoring La Femme-objet (12 minutes)
Trailers for films by Claude Mulot (38 minutes)
Trailers for films with Marilyn Jess (25 minutes)
English subtitles

Written by Blacktooth

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