“The Bathtub,” Starring Sonic Youth Drummer, Streams Free Online

“The film was shot entirely on green screen. Nouri and I then filmed miniatures as sets and tracked the actors into the scenery frame by frame,” says Greenberg. “The goal was not to make the world feel realistic, but to make it feel as if the actors and story truly take place in these fantastical little dollhouses. It was based on a dream I had several years ago, where a mute man goes on an adventure in his Bathtub. In the dream, I actually was this character, and I saw it all from a first person perspective. It all takes place in a world that parallels our own but there is something Dr. Seuss-like about it.”

The film was completed in 2020 and was scheduled to premiere at WFMU Monty Hall when the COVID pandemic struck. Since then, it premiered online at the LA Punk Film Festival, where it was awarded Best Animated Film. The trailer has appeared in Brooklyn Vegan and

“I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the incredible producers Kenny Filmer and Nouri Zander!” says Dylan. “When I described my idea to them, which came from a dream, I expected them to ask for a less ambitious idea, but instead they took it all the way to the finish line!”

It certainly appears that Khloaris is one of the most innovative DIY production companies in the digital landscape. As for Greenberg’s next project, she has been teasing her upcoming feature film Spirit Riser, which looks to be an absolute explosion of zaniness and color.

Breakout star Amanda Flowers, who this year garnered excellent reviews at the Fantasia premiere of “Shakespeare’s Shitstorm”, gives a memorable and high camp performance in a segment of the film involving an absurd love triangle and mistaken identity.

The manic, punk romp that is the Bathtub stars Bob Bert, of Sonic Youth and Pussy Galore fame, genre superstar Amanda Flowers, Mary Hanley, Troma’s Lloyd Kaufman, Mary Hanley, Cindy Colon, and John Brennan. Music featured is from Bob Bert’s project “Bewitched”, Theycallmepiano and original free jazz by The Bathtub Players (Matt Ellin, Xavier Del Castillo, James Tonra). The film also features art by legendary underground artist Mike Diana, the first person in the United States to ever be convicted of artistic obscenity.

Written by Blacktooth

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