Creature from Cannibal Creek (Review)

You’ll never see it coming

Director – John Migliore (Exorcism of the Dead, Poltergeist Encounters)
Starring – Deborah Jayne Reilly Smith (Let Her Out, The Demon Weed), Simon Wheeldon (Curse of the Voodoo Bloody Sockpuppet, Johnny Ghoulash Escapes from Creightonville), and Jim Ordolis (Zombie Beach Party, Marked)
Release Date – 2019
Rating – 3/5

I love shitty movies. People that have followed my reviews for sometime know exactly how much I love a bad movie. If it’s goofy or has a strange inanimate object killing people then you can bet your sweet ass and half a tit that I’m going to be jumping all over it.

Sometime back Wild Eye sent me a care package over with some of their new releases in it. A few of them really caught my attention but the one that stood out the most was Creature from Cannibal Creek. Seeing a Swamp Thing like creature in a film with cannibal in the title really caught my attention. Then when I saw it was directed by John Migliore I was sold on it. Migliore is the man behind The Screamtime film Johnny Ghoulash Escapes from Creightonville. As soon as I had a chance to see it I popped it in. Thanks Wild Eye for sending this one over!

**Spoiler Alert** The film follows a religious family living in the woods and their only means of surviving is killing “sinners” that venture too close to their home. They rely on the sinner’s meat to survive the winter months. However, their way of life is jeopardized when one of their would be victims escaped while he was mortally wounded. Instead of dyin he becomes one with the forest and becomes a creature hellbent on killing those that did this to him. **Spoiler Alert**

I was familiar with Migliore prior to receiving this one for review when I ordered Johnny Ghoulash from Screamtime sometime over the summer. I had yet to watch the film but I was still familiar with his work. However, after spinning CfCC I am actively looking for all his films. This one was cheap but so much fun. I really enjoyed it and how Migliore approached this creature feature.

The acting in this one is a little over the top at times but fun. I really liked the characters and how each of them handled the scene they were in. A lot of the cast has limited experience but they show plenty of promise in front of the camera.

The story for this one is Swamp Thing meets The Hills Have Eyes. The film follows a group of cannibals in the woods, one of which is named Neptune, as they fight off a creature that was dying in the forest before he was turned into the creature. Pretty much sums of this film but the fact Migliore was able to combine the two AND deliver a campy creature feature is absolutely genius. Some of the scenes are a little repetitive and the characters may not be likable but it works for a late night creature feature.

Finally, this one is a bloody mess but the practical effects are very underwhelming. The film features a very funny creature. The suit reminded me a lot of the Sid and Marty Kroft creatures which I really appreciated but the practical effects for the deaths were very cheap and unenjoyable. Overall, Creature from Cannibal Creek is a fucking blast. It’s a cheap monster movie that is extremely rough but entertains. I highly recommend checking out this slice of no-budget madness.

Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.