Wishmaster’s Andrew Divoff Joins the Cast of The Hag Witch

Genre legend Andrew Divoff has joined the cast of Sam Hodge’s The Hag Witch. The film is currently crowd funding which can be accessed here.

The Hag Witch synopsis: Coping with the loss of her husband, a young woman is confronted by a presence that seeks to destroy her. Is it her husband, something evil, or simply grief?

The Hag Witch will be Co-Directed by Sam Hodge and Johnna Vaughn of Cinesavage Films. Sam Hodge has a history of directing feature and short films while improving his craft and further cementing his style with each project. He most recently worked on Reunion From Hell as Co-Director, Director of Photography, Editor, and Composer. Johnna Vaughn starred in and helped produce that film while starring alongside horror legend, Cathy Podewell (Night of the Demons, Dallas).

Written by Blacktooth

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