Deathbone (Review)

Prepare to get boned

Director – Chris Seaver (Evil Night, SexSquatch)
Starring – Billy Garberina (Necroville, Moist Fury), Meredith Host (The Weirdsies, Death O’Lantern), and Casey Bowker (Wet Heat, Carnage for the Destroyer)
Release Date – 2011
Rating – 3/5

Most of you that have followed me for some time now and may have noticed that I’m a huge fan of Chris Seaver. His brands Low Budget Pictures and Warlock Home Video have been a huge part of my movie collection journey for several years now. For the most part I’ve collected most of his films with the exception of a few but there is still a couple I have yet to watch and review.

A few weeks ago MVD announced that SRS Cinemas was releasing Seaver’s 2011 fantasy adventure film Deathbone on DVD as part of their retro line. I reached out to them and they were kind enough to send over a review copy of it. I want to take a moment to thank MVD and SRS Cinemas for sending it over.

**Spoiler Alert** The film follows Deathbone (Garberina) who is approached by an elf to rescue her villiage that was overrun by an evil Goblin. Deathbone reluctactly agrees to the quest and their journey begins. They make their way to the villiage where they encounter other swordsmen, orcs, witches, and lustful faries before reaching the overrun villiage where an epic battle ensues. **Spoiler Alert**

Not everyone will enjoy Seaver’s films. I love his humor and bold stories but some people may be turned off by the lack of budget. Over the years he has released some extremely entertaining films but there has been a few duds. Deathbone is one that is a bit different than he other films but I really enjoyed it.

The acting in this one is exactly what you would expect in a Seaver flick. Garberina is absolutely brilliant as Deathbone the barbarian. His mannerisms, dialogue, and charisma was so funny to watch. He really got into his role and made the title character come to life. The supporting cast is just as intense, funny, and entertaining. Everyone gets into their roles and has a lot of fun. That fun translates very well to the camera.

The story for this one is a parody of the fantasy adventure films that a lot of grew up watching like Deathstalker, Beastmaster, and the most obvious film, Conan. The humor carries well throughout the entire film but the story does hit a few dry patches. The movie is stretched a bit thin at times but it’s still a fun watch if you stick with it. The humor does a great job at masking the story’s weaknesses.

Finally, the film is not a bloody and gory one. We get some low-brow fight scenes and some surprisingly well done make-up effects but that is the extent of that with this one. Overall, Deathbone will not be for everyone. However, if you are a fan of the funnier side of cinema then I would highly recommend digging into this slice of back yard fun. It was funny and very enjoyable.

Written by Blacktooth

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