That was quick! (That’s what she said?) I feel like I just finished watching the first Casting Couch Slaughter film a few weeks ago, and now the second installment is available for streaming on Vimeo. Not that it was the most well-produced flick out there, but I’ll always remember these collaborations between directors Krystal Shenk and Emir Skalonja because, well, they’re just absolutely bizarre in the best way possible. Although I have a few justified criticisms, this is a series that can keep coming… and coming… and coming. From FoxTrot Productions, and writers Krystal Shenk, Emir Skalonja, Heather Dunham and Kristina Santiago, Casting Couch Slaughter 2 picks up a decade after the last massacre; with a trio of film students and true crime fans putting their skills and interests to work. Their goal is simply to make a documentary on the original 1989 killings, where porn stars were the intended victims, only to find themselves caught in a drill-wielding psychotics master plan.

Casting Couch Slaughter 2: The Second Coming is as much of a follow up film as humanly possible. Not only does it closely follow the events of the original movie, but many of the main crew members and leading actors return for the latest picture. Starring Krystal Shenk, Kristina Santiago, Heather Dunham, Mercy Slavatore, Nina Nardecchia, Emir Skalonja, Ron Emerson, Sean C. Sanders, Mac Brewer and Jacob Hodgson as The Killer, Casting Couch Slaughter 2 was produced by Krystal Shenk and Jacob Hogson and features editing by Christopher Burns Jr. and Emir Skalonja. And might I add, this movie is a slasher flick that refuses to fall for the sophomore slump. I actually think this one came out better than the previous one, and heeding my comments below could only improve on the third one – if it ever reaches fruition. The key components of style, nudity and practical special effects are already locked in, now the directors need to hone in on other areas to make their flicks worthwhile.

The flow from scene to scene is almost non-existent and at times the dialogue is trying way, way too hard to be funny. I understand the Casting Couch Slaughter movies are homages to low budget slasher flicks of the 80’s and early 90’s, but even titles like The Prowler and Slumber Party Massacre were able to make their cuts not nearly as harsh to the eye. As someone with a little behind-the-scenes knowledge and experience, I almost cringed while watching how the story transitioned. Take a little more time to work on flow. In terms of the comedy, the Casting Couch Slaughter movies are over-the-top raunchy and hilarious. Stop trying to force it, though. I found the most enjoyable parts of the movie to be when the comedy wrote itself, instead of when actors were trying to make you laugh – IE: the butt plug infomercial. I feel as if that’s another deal breaker for viewers. Horror needs to have atmosphere just as much as comedy does, and people can feel any unauthenticity. I feel as if these movies can get better, hence why I’m being overly critical right now.

Still, Casting Couch Slaughter 2: The Second Coming is a wild, good time. I love the 80’s style and the campy acting, that I need to mention was much better this go around. The special effects were good enough for this narrative and the writers always deliver an adequate body count – both with murder victims and naked people. Casting Couch Slaughter 2: The Second Coming is a raunchy, gore-filled sequel that puts the ho in horror. Watch the the trailer below and decide if this is the right title for you to watch on Vimeo.

Final Score: 7.5 out of 10.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)

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