Blu Review – Skinned Deep (Severin Films)

Meet the surgeon general!

Director – Gabriel Bartalos (Saint Bernard)
Starring – Les Pollack (Generation Why?, Blackmailing Santa), Aaron Sims, and Kurt Carley (Godzilla, A Haunted House 2)
Release Date – 2004
Rating – 3.5/5
Blu Release – 3.5/5

At one time Fangoria was THE name in horror. So many of us grew up reading the magazine and a lot of the films we consider classics now were first introduced to use because of Fangoria. At the height of their popularity they dabbled in film distribution and production. Hell, they produced one of the most underrated vampire films of our time, Children of the Night, in 1991. In the early 2000s Fangoria attached themselves to several indie horror films under Fangoria Presents Gorezone Video.

This was the first time I had heard of the extremely odd horror flick Skinned Deep that starred the Leprechaun himself, Warwick Davis. It was a strange film to say the least but I did enjoy it. When Severin announced the release of the film on blu I decided that this is the best time to revisit it. I reached out to MVD, who was handling the release, and they were kind enough to send over a copy for review.

**Spoiler Alert** The film follows an all American family who venture out for their family vacation when they become the target of a deranged and disfigured “family” who kill tourists that venture into their neck of the woods. We then follow the daughter of the slain family who is taken in to be one of them after one of them takes a liking to her. However, she refuses to succumb to their murderous ways and starts fighting back. **Spoiler Alert**

Skinned Deep has been a joke among a lot of the horror groups on social media after it’s release from Severin. I can see why a lot of the more serious horror fans have been mocking it but as someone who loves Troma and the weird side of indie horror I can’t help but love it. It’s so fucking wacky yet the atmosphere and scenery is perfect for a horror film. I appreciate what the team behind this one was trying to do and this is one that never loses it’s charm.

The acting in this one is extremely cheesy but very enjoyable. The characters are all extremely fun and almost all of them stand out. The characters may ham up their performances but they do a fantastic job at bringing unforgettable characters to life.

The story for this one is a blend of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III, and House of 1000 Corpses. I never picked up on the resemblances between this one and those three films but now they stick out. With that being said, I still enjoy how those films come together with the odd sense of humor to create something that still makes me laugh even after all these years. It’s a goofy story that borrows heavily from classic horror films.

Finally, the film has some fun death scenes that only get better as the film progresses. The practical effects are a lot of fun and the film not only showcases great prosthetic and prop effects but some fun make-up effects as well. The film has a lot of gory deaths that makes it a must watch for fans of bloody horror flicks. Overall, Skinned Deep is a strange and entertaining film that is a lot of fun. It has fun characters and some great death scenes. This release from Severin is a must own. Check it out.

Special Features:
DEEP CUTS: A look back on SKINNED DEEP with Writer/Producer/Director Gabe Bartalos, Actors Jay Dugre and Karoline Brandt and Weapons Machinist Jake Lee
Audio Commentary With Cast & Crew
Archival ‘Making Of’ Featurette

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