Baby Oopsie (Review)

Time to put baby down!

Director – William Butler (The Resonator: Miskatonic U, Power Rangers Wild Force)
Starring – Libbie Higgins (Weedjies: Halloweed Night, Trailerville USA), Justin Armistead (She’s the Anchor), and Jill Bartlett (The Intern, Punk’d)
Release Date – 2021
Rating – 3/5

While the pandemic put a strain on a lot of businesses it especially hit the movie industry the hardest. Sets, locations, and production houses were forced to shut down and making a film with limited staff, six feet apart, and masked up is damn near impossible. However, some movies were able to pop up here and there. A few weeks ago I was shocked when Full Moon announced the release of their newest Demonic Toys’ spin off Baby Oopsie from director and actor William Butler. I was interested in seeing checking it out and a few days back Full Moon sent over a review link to check it out. Once again, I want to thank Full Moon for hooking me up.

**Spoiler Alert** The film follows Sybil Pittman (Higgins) who is an avid doll collector with a web-show with a decent following. She lives with her emotionally abusive mother and one day she receives a strange package with a damaged doll inside. She is able to restore it and soon adds it to her collection. However, this is no ordinary doll. This is Baby Oopsie from the demonic toys murders that took place in the early 90s. Soon Baby Oopsie is killing everyone that has wronged Sybil and when the bodies pile up she is forced to stop it before innocent lives are claimed. **Spoiler Alert**

Being able to pull off a feature length film during all this mess is very impressive. It’s even more impressive when the film is actually good. Modern Full Moon flicks could go either way. They could be funny and clever with some laughs and deaths or they can be extremely flat with humor that doesn’t hold up. With that being said, I fucking loved Baby Oopsie. It was very enjoyable and a lot more fun than it should have been.

The acting in this one is great. I absolutely loved the entire cast and the characters they created are anything but generic. I absolutely loved Higgins as Sybil. Her awkwardness and comedic delivery made for a really memorable performance. The same can be said for Armistead’s performance. I loved the unusual casting and the characters they delivered. The story for this one is a loose sequel to Demonic Toys but it can be enjoyed by genre fans that have yet to see the 1992 Full Moon classic. It serves as a great new jumping point while giving the fans something new to latch on to. It does a great job as establishing new characters with the old while giving fans something new to look forward to. Some of the scenes do drag on a little bit too long but it doesn’t take away from the overall film.

Finally, the film makes good use of practical effects and beautiful puppets. We get some bloody kills that sometimes happen off screen or was only in frame for a quick second but they did deliver some fun practical effects that you would expect from Full Moon. Overall, Baby Oopsie was a lot of fun and the movie I didn’t know I needed. It was very enjoyable and I look forward to where this story is going to take me next.

Written by Blacktooth

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