Amityville Outhouse (Review)

A “film” by Adam Riot Thorn

Director – Adam Thorn (Moopet Pastor, Personal Space Invader)
Starring – Adam Thorn, Justin Decloux (Impossible Horror, Venture Shark), and Austin Mombourquette (Assault of the Snakemen)
Release Date – 2022
Rating – 3.5/5

I love the weirder side of horror. Sure, a straight forward slasher or a pre-Walking Dead zombie flick are some of my favorite films but I fucking love discovering a title that is unique and overflowing with stupid humor and creativity. Unofficial Amityville sequels are a plague among the horror community which has already been mocked in the sleazy Amityville Vibrator.

However, Adam Thorn turned it up a notch on the humor level with his newest anthology Amityville Outhouse. After watching a trailer sometime back I knew I had to see this wild ride of a film. As soon as Thorn announced that DVDs were available I had to jump on it. I snagged a copy and as soon as I saw an opportunity to check it out I tossed it.

**Spoiler Alert** The film follows a hiker out in the woods when nature calls. He finds a lone outhouse on the path but before he can use it a hermit stops him. He informs the hiker that the outhouse is haunted but he doesn’t believe him. In response, the hermit spins three tales…only one of which is really about the haunted outhouse. **Spoiler Alert**

I fucking loved this weird and often humorous no budget anthology. IT was goofy but a lot of fun. It put me in mind of the older Chris Seaver films like Anal Paprika and Filthy McNasty. It’s not going to be for everyone but if you are a fan of fart jokes and imaginative stories then you will be right at home in Amityville Outhouse.

The acting in this one is funny at time but it’s obvious that the cast is inexperienced. They deliver high energy performances and a bunch of laughs but more often than not there is some awkward dialogue exchanges between them. This is common among no-budget horror and it doesn’t really take away from the overall film.

The stories for this one varies. I loved the wrap around segment about the hiker needed to have a bm along with two of the stories but the third segment was a big miss for me. It didn’t really fit the film and just didn’t work. I loved first two stories. The Panda-masked slasher and the outhouse segments were a lot of fun. I really enjoyed them especially the slasher. They both are a good mix of humor and didn’t take themselves too seriously. That’s my biggest complaint about no budget horror films. They take themselves too seriously and don’t have the money to back that up.

Finally, the film has some fake blood and the effects you would expect to see in a film like this. We get some green screen fun and deaths that fit the film but that’s about it. Overall, Amityville Outhouse is a lot of fun especially for fans of Chris Seaver and early 2000 Troma releases. I highly recommend it.

Written by Blacktooth

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