Teaser & Poster for Short Horror Thriller ‘Touch’ by Justin Burquist

Starring Eva Ceja (Aquarium of the Dead), Randy Davison (Mank), Steve Froehlich (Revelation Road), Nick Young (Friend of the World), Ron Christopher Jones (Thane of East County) and Jayce Venditti (Hacksaw)

Produced by Evette Betancourt (Carving A Life) and Christopher Holloway (Callejero)

Cinematography by Ray Gallardo (The Fifth of November)

Production companies include Broken Swing Productions, Gemini Pictures and Gray Area Multimedia

Synopsis: An apathetic police unit brings in a mysterious young woman to help solve a grisly homicide.

“Touch is a continuation of a fascination of mine, using time moving backwards to tell an interesting story in the present. I’d attempted something similar with a music video in the past. But with this project I wanted the present and past to intersect in real time, first, through a grisly murder moving backwards and secondly the discovery of the killer moving forwards. Beyond being a purely formalist exercise in time management, the horrors Carmen’s character (Eva Ceja) witnesses in order to avenge the Victim (Randy Davison) also entails a strong emotional arc. I’d reflected on her Touch being a sort of symbol of pure empathy. She truly feels/witnesses his pain. Tonally, I wanted the macabre feel of Se7en’s crime scenes, but believed Carmen’s powers would contrast with an operatic feel and movement of a Brian De Palma film.” -writer/director Justin Burquist

Written by Blacktooth

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