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Evil Dead Trap 2: Hideki is coming to Blu-ray and DVD September 27, 2022 from Unearthed Films

There is a slight delay from the original release date, but don’t let the anticipation kill you. EVIL DEAD TRAP 2: HIDEKI is still releasing this month.


A killer is on the loose in Japan. Young women are being horribly mutilated. Aki, a young woman who works as a film projectionist, is haunted by a childlike ghost. Her girlfriend Emi is a TV news reporter covering the horrible mutilations. Emi introduces Aki to Kurahashi, a married man with a haunted past. Everyone involved has a dark secret and something evil is taking control of them. They are pawns in a game being played by forces beyond their understanding. This eerie descent into madness takes us on a journey into the abyss and the terrible truth is finally revealed!

Photo Gallery
Izô Hashimoto (Scriptwriter of Akira and Director of Lucky Sky Diamond)
Izô Hashimoto and Chiaki Konaka (Ultraman films)
Shoko Nakajima, Rie Kondoh, Shirô Sano (Lucky Sky Diamond, Godzilla 2000)

Written by Blacktooth

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