Cassex (Review)

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Director – Lindsey Schmitz (Horde Busters, Femalien: Cosmic Crush)
Starring – Anna Claire Clouds (Naughty Nannies, Black Meat White Feet), Jayden Cole (Rich Bitch, Seeing Red), and Lexi Luna (Naughty Office, My Friend’s Hot Mom)
Release Date – 2021
Rating – 3/5

Full Moon, Empire, and Moonbeam was a huge part of my childhood. Movies like Prehysteria, Subspecies, and Re-Animator were a huge part of my childhood and teenage years and this is just a few of their offerings that I would watch over and over until I became sick of them. I still enjoy these films now but I’m now a big fan of their sister company Surrender Cinema. I’ve watched several of their sexploitaton and softcore films over the years and often keep an eye out for their other releases.

A few months back I noticed that Full Moon had added the SC dvd release of the film Cassex to their site. When I saw that adult film star Lauren Phillips was in it I knew I had to see it. I reached out to them and they were kind enough to send over a copy for me to check out. I’m glad they did because I had a lot of fun with this one!

**spoiler Alert** The film follows a young couple who discover an old VHS camcorder in their yard while digging and decide to give the tape inside a spin. They soon find themselves in the past when the adult film on the tape was being shot and this is only the beginning of their sex fueled adventure. **Spoiler Alert**

Before I took a dive into this one I knew very little about it. I knew it was an erotic film centered around a VHS tape and had an appearance from Lauren Phillips. The film was exactly as I thought it would be and did not disappoint. It’s simple, sleazy, and works for a softcore flick with a dash of sci-fi.

The acting in this one is solid for the most part. The constant smiling from the cast is a little off putting but if I was getting paid to grind I would be smiling like a jack ass too. The characters are cliched but the fact that these adult film stars are able to get into character and deliver a semi-serious performance is something that is uncommon in films of this caliber.

The story for this one is pretty entertaining and the possibilities are endless. We could have so many more films following this same premise and even though this was done previously in several horror films I can’t wait to see if Full Moon and Surrender Cinema does with this property after the success it’s had.

Finally, we get some visual effects that fit the film very well but the focus of the film is the skin. We get a lot of skin but if you are looking for blood then you will be very disappointed. Overall, Cassex should not be a film you sleep on. If you dig sexploitation flicks or sleazy sci-fi flicks then this one is for you. It’s a lot of fun.

Written by Blacktooth

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