Blu Review – Long Weekend (Umbrella Entertainment)

Their crimes was against nature…and nature found them guilty

Director – Colin Eggleston (Innocent Prey)
Starring – John Hargreaves (Sweet Revenge), Briony Behets (Murder, She Wrote), and Mike McEwen (Death Cheaters)
Release Date – 1978
Rating – 3/5
Blu Release – 4.5/5

Horror has so many sub-genres and regions that define them. One that I tend to really enjoy but rarely venture to is the when nature attacks sub-genre. Most of these films from the 70s and 80s were cheesy but they were extremely fun. However, most of the ones made in the late 80s and early 90s were cheap, corny, and filled with some of the worst CGI ever put on film. Since my introduction to ozploitation I’ve found myself enjoying their when nature attacks films more than I expoected.

A few years ago Synapse Films introduced me to the 1978 ozploitation flick Long Weekend and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Sadly, it’s been years since I’ve seen it. Recently Umbrella Entertainment announced the release of the film as part of their Ozploitation Classics line. This gave me the perfect excuse to revisit it. I want to thank Umbrella for sending this one over.

**Spoiler Alert**The film follows married couple Peter (Hargreaves) and Marcia (Behets) who have a little weekend vacation and head out into the Australian wilderness. When they first arrive they hear noises of what sounds like someone crying. Marcia freaks out and wants to go home but Peter refuses to leave. He spends his time drinking, smoking, shooting his gun and spear gun, and littering. He lets his presence known and the local wildlife has to pay the consequences. However, they get sick of Peter and Marcia’s shit and start taking matters in their own hands forcing the two to fight for their lives.**Spoiler Alert**

A lot of people, especially horror fans in particular, dislike killer animal films. That is usually because it is hard to make trained and domesticated animals look terrifying. That is why modern films rely heavily on visual effects to make the beasts. Sadly, Long Weekend suffered the same flaws when the film was unable to give the viewer menacing animals. It’s not perfect but it is entertaining.

The acting in this one is another one that is hit or miss. John Hargreaves delivers one hell of a performance and really made the film enjoyable. He played a very convincing douche that has no regard for those around him and the environment. His performance really made the film what it was. Sadly, Briony Behets almost ruined the film for me. Her performance is unhinged and she makes almost every scene (which is a lot) almost unwatchable. Her reactions do not fit the mood of the scene and most of the time she is yelling which makes it hard for the viewer to understand what she is saying.

The story for this one is simple, straight forward, and in your face for the most part. It’s slightly predictable and some of the scenes are dull with the couple bickering back and forth but it does find some traction from time to time. Once the shit hits the fan you will find yourself really enjoying it but you really need to sit through the slower scenes as if you are a third wheel on a horrible date.

Finally, this is not a bloody flick like most of you would have liked. The film also has one real on screen kill and one that takes place off camera for a whopping total of two deaths. The only on screen kill takes place is at the end of the film and is very unexpected. The kill is awesome, however. The special effects in this one is limited due to the film only having two kills.

Overall, this is not the best film in the Ozploitation Classics line but it is a solid entry that deserves to be seen. I highly recommend it!

Special Features:
*Soundtrack CD
*8x Collector lobby card
2021 interview featurette with actress Briony Behets and director Colin Eggleston’s sons Toby Reed and Sam Reed.
2021 interview with executive producer Richard Brennan.
Extended “Not Quite Hollywood” interviews with writer Everett De Roche, Briony Behets & cinematographer Vincent Monton
New audio interview with Richard Brennan
2004 audio commentary with Richard Brennan and Vincent Monton
Nature Found Them Guilty: Examining “Long Weekend” – panel discussion with film historians Lee Gambin, Alexandra Heller-Nicholas, Emma Westwood & Sally Christie
Stills gallery accompanied by an audio interview with actor John Hargreaves.
New “Long Weekend” (2008) trailer with commentary by director Jamie Blanks
New Colin Eggleston trailer reel
New excerpt from “Whitsunday Ash” – the lost Colin Eggleston film
Theatrical trailer

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