Little Red Rosie (Crowd Funding)

From the Indiegogo Page:

Written by Todd Martin, Matthew Furman and executive producer Matt Burns this unique take on the killer doll genre will for sure be a cult classic in our region and hopefully worldwide. With your financial backing we will be able to combine great acting with vfx and practical fx.

Starring Kathryn Andrea, Jesse Green, Michael McGlynn, Russell Sage Patrick also featuring Gerald Moore, Jeff Leinbach, and introducing Abigail Carbaugh as lexus. Also featuring some major franchise actors such as Nancy Anne Ridder (Scream 1996), Lisa Neeld (playboy cover model), Monique Dupree (the first black scream queen and professional wrestling), as well as another celebrity cameo if we raise enough funds!

So if you like your horror dark and psychological this movie is for you. One of the most sickening real life characters I’ve seen in quite sometime in any film. Trying to bring back the real life of horror of what humanity can do with this film. Will Rosie be judge jury and executioner or will Tasha pull together and save her dysfunctional family?


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