Exclusive Clip for SHIFTED – A New SCREAMBOX Original Film

Drawing comparisons to Night of the Living Dead and The Thing, SCREAMBOX Original Shifted streams on April 18. The ambitious indie horror tale finds a group of neighbors trapped by murderous creatures with a serial killer hidden among them.

Shifted is written and directed by Adrian Konstant, based on a story by Konstant and producer Jason T. Green. Michael Wurtz, Derek Lackenbauer, Victoria Dunsmore, Brian Otto, Alyssa Anne Blasak, Zach Parsons, Jenna Gagliardi, Alyssa Schermel, and Sean Rey star.

As murderous creatures ravage the outside, a group of neighbors take refuge in an isolated house. Their relief is short-lived as a sinister secret hides within those walls, and they become the prey of a serial killer hidden among them. As supplies dwindle and paranoia grows, they are left to wonder who will survive when the world has Shifted.

“Our home is our place of safety,” says Brad Miska, Managing Director of Bloody Disgusting. “In Shifted, what Adrian Konstant does so well is to sew mistrust within that refuge. When there’s no escape from danger and you don’t know who to trust, how do you keep going? I can’t wait for our Screambox viewers to answer this question when they stream Shifted this April.”

Shifted joins SCREAMBOX’s growing library of unique horror content, including The Outwaters, Terrifier 2, Living with Chucky, Creepshow, 13 Nights of Elvira, Re-Animator, Sleepaway Camp, Hell House LLC, Pennywise: The Story of IT, and Toxic Crusaders.

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