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Andrew Jara’s Mental Health Horror ‘The Empty Space’ to Be Released May 30 on VOD and DVD/Blu-Ray

Andrew Jara is proud to announce the award-winning cosmic horror film “The Empty Space” will be released on May 30th to VOD and Blu-Ray through BayView Entertainment.
The Andrew Jara-directed film stars Joe Sinclitico along with Valerie Alene, Rachel Olsen, and Pablo Medina. The film tells the story of a woman (Alene) going to a support group for anxiety and depression after a violent attack left her boyfriend dead. When her boyfriend seemingly returns from the dead, she will have to face her fears to find out exactly who or what has come back before she loses her grip on reality.

The character-driven horror deals with a subject personal to the writer/director: mental health. “This movie was written as I was coming to terms with my own mental illness. Using the tropes and techniques of the horror genre, I wanted to find a way to give the audience a very intense visceral experience so they could feel both the dark as well as the slivers of light. Hopefully, this gives a fresh perspective to living with anxiety and depression that lets the viewers know that they aren’t alone in this,” Jara stated.

The film went on to win “Best of the Fest” at the 14th Sacramento Film Festival, Second Place at the Horror Hotel Film Festival, and was a finalist at the Oaxaca Filmfest.

“I feel very close to this film, as it feels like a part of my life for so long. As we were prepping for festivals, the pandemic hit, which delayed everything. It truly has become a movie that proves that independent film is alive and well,” says Jara.

“The Empty Space” will be released on May 30th on Blu-ray and VOD platforms


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