COCAINE CRABS FROM OUTER SPACE – Trailer and Release Details

Blu-ray presales begin June 1st from SRS Cinema!

Blu-ray starts presales Thursday, with a DVD and digital release to follow in late summer/early fall.

When a couple of intergalactic space crabs land on Earth, they encounter the one thing they didn’t expect… A duo of dumb frat boys force-feeding them cocaine! As it turns out, cocaine gives space crabs an overbearing impulse to kill! Their string of peculiar homicides has Detective Charlie Reese thinking that something smells fishy… literally! But, when he explains to his Captain that crabs may be causing the grisly murders, he is quickly dismissed. Trying to back up his theory, Detective Reese seeks the help of a sea life expert, but the best local help he can find is a pet store employee named ‘Alex Bailey.’ Convinced that the detective may be onto something, the two of them find themselves teaming up in the deadly wake of the coked-out crabs!

Wounded Rat Productions presents A Chuck Magee Film
starring Chuck Magee, Kat Andrews also starring Brent G. Baker, Douglass Hoffman and Bo Bolin
songs by Darren Holmquist, Dave Decker, Kevin Macleod.
Written, produced, and directed by Chuck Magee

-SRS Trailer

83 mins.
Region 0


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