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Three Keys Media has just dropped the first trailer for their upcoming Halloween Horror Sci-Fi Comedy, ISLEEN PINES.

“A group of friends get together for the annual Halloween party, but are interrupted by mysterious visitors.”

You can now watch the first trailer here!

Directors Alexys Paonessa and Matt Festle look to mashup horror, sci-fi, and comedy, with practical effects ranging from alien creatures, puppets, and lots of blood and gore.

Isleen Pines stars Naiia Lajoie (Gingerweed Man, Alien Planet), Darren Deng (Amity, Disjoint), Jackson Turner (Composure, Hacked), Glenn Plummer (Saw 2, The Day After Tomorrow), Jeremiah Benjamin (16 Bits, The Love Witch), Alan Maxson (Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Alien Planet), and many more!

If you’re a fan of halloween, sci-fi or horror, and want to help in the completion of this film; consider checking out the finishing funds campaign below.

The film is currently in post production, and the team behind it aims to have Isleen Pines released in time for Halloween this year!


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