Blu Review – A Question of Silence (Cult Epics)

They have never met before… but they agree to kill together

Director – Marleen Gorris (The L Word, The Last Island)
Starring – Edda Barends (The Attic: The Hiding of Anne Frank, Intensive Care), Nelly Fridja (Flodder, Flodder in America), and Henriette Tol (Flying Kicks, Intensive Care)
Release Date – 1982
Rating – 3/5
Blu Release – 4/5

I’ve spent the last week or two watching indie slashers and shorts for the site. These are the types of films that people have come to expect me to review and I love doing it. I love looking at all the hard work and passion come to life before my very eyes. It truly is exciting to spend this time watching something that someone has put so much time and heart into. Even if I don’t dig them all I still find it enjoyable to watch indie productions. I’ve also found myself more open to international films regardless of release year and budgets. It’s almost like an anthropological study with some of the older international films that I watch.

I love seeing the style and culture of these films especially if they are from bygone years or decades. Recently, Cult Epics has been dipping their toes into international waters. They’ve sent over a handful of films recently from the 60s through the 80s from all over the world with their latest effort being the Dutch mystery drama A Question of Silence.

**Spoiler Alert** The film follows three women from various backgrounds and social standings who find themselves in a retail store at the same time. They have never met each other before and have no connection to one another. However, when one of them is accused of stealing the other two surround the shop keeper and the three brutally murder him while other women watch in excitement. A psychiatrist studies the three and determines that they are not insane but releasing pent up anger from living in a male dominated society. **Spoiler Alert**

A Question of Silence was controversial when it was released due to it’s subject matter. Men with little dick energy found themselves playing the victim in this film as women came together to make a stand against the way they were expected to be treated. A drama from 1982 was showing the world how women were treated as the “inferior” gender and some accused the film of telling women to take up arms against the males. Controversial or not, A Question of Silence is a fantastic film with a story that is considered a feminist classic from a director that has contributed greatly to the feminist movement.

The acting in this one is great. I’m not familiar with the cast at all but I loved the personality and chemistry with each other. The cast does a phenomenal job in their roles and really do an amazing job bringing the characters to life. The story for this one is intriguing and works but I can see why some men in the early 80s lost their fucking minds seeing a film depicting women rising up and taking control of their lives. Even to this day women all over the world are being oppressed and forced to believe that they are inferior. I really liked the mystery angle that this drama uses but it’s a no brainer as to why the murder takes place especially once you get the peak at the lives of the three ladies before the murder was committed. It’s a brilliant film that could be redone today and still have the same impact.

Finally, this film is not the bloody mess most of us horror fans are looking for. It’s story driven with just one death that we don’t get to fully enjoy. Overall, A Question of Silence is a powerful piece of feminist cinema that anyone can truly enjoy especially if you don’t have your head up your ass. It’s a well done film that does shed light on what its like for women even in today’s world. I highly recommend this release from Cult Epics.

Special Features:
2K HD Transfer and Restoration
Audio Commentary by Film Scholar Patricia Pisters
Interview with director Marleen Gorris (Cinevisie, 1982)
Interview with actress Cox Habbema (Cinevisie, 1982)
Polygoon Journal Newsreel (1982)
Promotional Gallery
Original Theatrical Trailer
Cult Epics Trailers
Dual-layered Disc
Reversible Sleeve


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