New Streaming Platform Scareplex Launches with Emphasis on Paying Indie Filmmakers

As Hollywood comes under further scrutiny for their treatment of content creators, so do the streaming platforms whose algorithms and payment practices have left many filmmakers wondering whey their views and rentals just aren’t translating to bigger payments.

Scareplex Owner and filmmaker Ash Hamilton (Play With Me, Holes in the Sky: The Sean Miller Story, F’d: Tales from the End Times) has gone on record stating, “ …this model is, let’s face it, broken. We have many indie filmmakers, especially horror filmmakers, who bring home as little as 8.5 to 12.5 percent of their film’s profits. With the current industry strikes we need to provide filmmakers with a means to make more content, not stifle them.”

Hamilton’s answer? Scareplex ( A brand new genre themed streaming platform, Scareplex hopes to correct the mistakes that many other platforms continue to make. Hamilton continued, “Our model is to offer the best genre content and to do so in a way that allows the filmmakers to finally get paid for their films. Gone are the 50% streaming fees that filmmakers are used to paying. We offer complete transparency with a 80/20 model, with 80% in favor of the filmmaker. That’s across the board. You set your price for VOD, we honor the 80%. Digital downloads? Same deal. AVOD… same thing.”

Scareplex enters the market with over 200 genre titles ranging from new films to classics, paranormal documentaries and series and multiple podcasts.

Scareplex is also proud to announce they are the official home for Paranormal series Monster Vision TV, the paranormal video podcast Shadow Initiative and celebrated horror podcast Zompire Horde.

Scareplex is currently accepting submissions and is seeking out feature films, short films, series and podcasts. You can access Scareplex at http://www.scareplex.comp. Android, iOS and Roku apps are in development and will be available shortly.
All submission, distribution, and content related inquiries should be sent to


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