105ive Films Unveils “Practice House”: An Intriguing New Exorcism Story

105ive Films, led by Louie La Vella and Monica La Vella, is proud to announce the development of “Practice House”, a twisted exorcism story that pushes the boundaries of the horror genre.

Set against the backdrop of a mysterious rental home owned by the Vatican, this film delves into the practices of a group of priests on a mission to force possession on unsuspecting guests in order to master the rite of exorcism.

Louie La Vella remarked, “We asked ourselves: what would it look like if priests trained for exorcisms the way firefighters train for fires, by going into the danger in a controleld environment? This concept was our answer.”

Monica La Vella added, “It’s part of our Demonic Universe, a giant, unsettling world we’ve created, and this story is just one sliver of that world.”

“Practice House” promises to answer the question as to how far one will go to conquer evil, even if the battle endangers the innocent.


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