Nightmare on Elm Street-Inspired Music Video From Rapper JUGGER

Toronto-based rapper JUGGER has teamed up with director Marcus Letts to create a cinematic music video for his latest album track, “NIGHTMARE.” Inspired by the iconic Wes Craven horror film, Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, the video follows twin sisters (models, Kiki & Lola) at a slumber party that turns deadly.

The opening scene finds the pair naively reading magazines and dancing on their bed to JUGGER’s song “Chrome” before the record stops and the vibe dramatically shifts. One of the twins is then hypnotically drawn to the living room where she falls into a dream state as videos of JUGGER flash across the TV. With “NIGHTMARE” soundtracking her hallucinations, Letts mirrors the classic scene where Freddy Krueger terrorizes the dreams of an aspiring actress at Westin Hills Psychiatric Hospital. As she curiously walks up to the TV, she’s suddenly sucked in through the screen by a mysterious figure with half of her body left for her twin sister to find on the other end.

A master in world-building, JUGGER recently teamed with acclaimed creative, Nicolas Neubert to produce an AI video trailer for “NIGHTMARE” off his debut album PUPPET MASTER. The fabricated thriller was programmed into preview reels across movie theaters in Toronto, shown before horror films on Halloween weekend. Bringing the song’s next chapter to life, JUGGER yet again bridges his love for sinister cinema with dark and twisted lyricism to produce a nightmare-inducing visual.


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