Maggots (Review)

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Director – Neil Meschino (Mold!, The Mildew from Planet Xonader)
Starring – Edward X. Young (Easter Sunday, Sheriff Tom vs. the Zombies), Luke Pendley (The Candy Tree, Boxhead), and Julia Salka (Mold!)
Release Date – 2019
Rating – 4/5

I’ve covered a lot of horror films over the years at Horror Society. Some are films that are sent my way to cover while others are movies I find on social media while browsing posts in horror groups. One film that I was following heavily only to forget about over time was Neil Meschino’s creature feature Maggots. Neil was brought to my attention many years ago when I received MOLD! to review. I was so impressed with that film that I sought Neil out on Facebook so I could keep an eye on his future projects.

When he started posting about Maggots, I was quick to cover it on the site and anytime a new image or casting announcement was made. However, the longer I wrote for Horror Society the more people would seek me out on the platform so I could cover their project. Before long, his film was buried in the avalanche of indie films that is my newsfeed. In fact, over time I had forgotten about the film until Neil commented on a post, I had made some time back stating that it was streaming on Tubi. I had to fucking see it so I added it to my review list to check out.

**Spoiler Alert** The film follows an eager college student looking to find a way to use his scientific knowledge as a way to support himself in college. He speaks with a professor who agrees to let him go into an area that he suspects is being contaminated by pollutants from fracking if he takes a few other students that are struggling with his class. The group of college students prepare for a weekend of drugs and partying but quickly learn that fracking has caused mutations in the local wildlife and the flies in the area are the size of dogs with maggots that can take off full appendages. **spoiler Alert**

Mold! is one of those indie horror films that you never forget. I absolutely loved everything about it and when Meschino announced a new cut of the film with additional footage called The Mildew from Planet Xonader I was quick to add it to my collection as well. Neil is a fantastic filmmaker and Maggots is another priceless indie horror film for genre fans to enjoy.

The acting in this one is very well done with some seriously impressive performances. The film has a lot of memorable characters, and the casting is damn near perfect. I found myself looking through the cast’s imdb pages to see what else they had been in because they all showed what I thought was experience.

The story for this one is a classic when nature meets science scenario that reminded me a lot of the 90s horror film Mosquito where a group of people are in the woods being terrorized by giant mutated bugs. However, this film embraced it’s camp to give us some memorable characters it what feels like a love letter to 80s monster movies. The film has great pacing, and the scenes don’t overstay their welcome. I also like how broad this story is and how we could get a sequel with a number of different mutated lifeforms found in nature.

Finally, the film is packed full of great practical effects. The maggots look amazing. Hell, it’s a damn shame they didn’t get more scream time. Well also get some great kills and mutilations. I was not expecting the effects to be the caliber that they are. The film needs to be seen just for the effects alone. Overall, Maggots is an indie creature feature made by a genre fan for genre fans. This is one you will not regret watching so check it out on Tubi now!


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