Strange Things Happen at the Weird House (Review)

This sex comedy is about to get really weird

Director – Joe Sherlock (Odd Noggins, Odder Noggins)
Starring – Tiffany Beall (Zombie Chronicles: Infection Zone, Odder Noggins), Melody Berg (Dark Zone Thirteen, Things 5), and Juniper Bloodraven (Odd Noggins)
Release Date – 2023
Rating – 2.5/5

I’ve been fortunate enough to watch and review a good portion of Skullface Astronaut’s catalogue. I’ve had a lot of fun watching these crazy, nudity infested films that go above and beyond to entertain. However, all good things must come to an end and here I am with the last film sent to me for review from filmmaker Joe Sherlock. Today I watch and review his sex comedy/horror film Strange Things Happen at the Weird House. Like always, I want to thank Joe and Skullface Astronaut for sending this one my way to review.

**Spoiler Alert** The film follows a low budget film crew who are living in the home fighting over pizza and filming skin flicks. However, something strange is living in the basement and soon starts making it’s sinister presence known as it picks them off one by one. **Spoiler Alert**

It was bound to happen eventually and it looks like Strange Things Happen at the Weird House just happens to be the first film in the Skullface Astronaut catalogue that I didn’t care for. There was some things I liked about it but the overall film just felt dull. I hate to be negative about a film sent my way for review but when you dig through a filmmaker’s filmography like this you are bound to find a film or two that you don’t like.

The acting in this one is exactly what I would expect from a Skullface Astronaut film. The cast is having a lot of fun in their roles and the women are nice to look at but this one doesn’t really have the characters most of the other film does. It feels as if the film was cast with no characters written or developed. The story for this one is right up my alley but fails to fully pull it all together. A house full of beautiful busty women running around nude while a monster is in the basement is every b-movie horror fan’s dream. However, the film just plays out with the monster angle never fully culminating into something worth while. I wanted to like it but I found myself watching the clock more than the screen.

Finally, the film has some visual effects that showcase the film’s budget but the kills don’t stand out. The highlight of the film is the excessive nudity which is always welcomed. Overall, Strange Things Happen in the Weird House has a lot of nudity but not the laughs I was expecting. I can recommend some other films from Skullface instead of this one


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