New Horror Film PIGLET announced from SpookHouse MediaWorks & Strange Films Studios

Have you ever wondered what would happen when the children’s classic tale of Winnie the Pooh meets The Texas Chainsaw Massacre? PIGLET is a new horror film coming from SpookHouse MediaWorks and Strange Films Studios and being directed by August Aguilar.

Deep in the remote Appalachian hills, lives Piglet. The son of a once industrious butcher and marred by tragedy, Piglet’s solitary life is shattered when fame-hungry millennials trespass onto his land. They hope to capture paranormal activity on their struggling YouTube channel. In a foolish bid to manufacture exploitation, one of them slaughters Piglet’s beloved pig. Little do they know; they’ve just incurred the wrath of a vengeful killer. Incensed, Piglet brutally dispatches the trespassers one by one, displaying savage power.

The horror forces at work behind the monster that is PIGLET are Kevin Millikin (producer), August Aguilar (director), Kelly Hudson (writer), Jake Hades (artist), and formerly of the Misfits, David “Dr. Chud” Calabrese (composer).

“It’s an amazing time to be a horror fan, and an even more exciting time to be an indie filmmaker. I knew this would be a special kind of project as soon as I saw the script for “Piglet” and how different it stands against the current public domain frenzy that has taken over, while delivering proper homage to classic slashers that we all grew up on. Working with Kevin, Kelly, and Dr. Chud has already been such a fun process and knowing the passion and dedication to this project that everyone is giving already, we are really going to deliver something wild and special. I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to serve as the Director and continue pursuing what I love.” – August Aguilar

Piglet Official Website


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