WINTER ISLAND Trailer & Poster Now Available

Adventus Films, the Seattle-based film production company with numerous suspense and horror films in their helm announced today their latest feature film, Winter Island is out and booking screenings at Horror Film Festivals. It will have a Chicago premiere Friday, May 3 during the 6pm – Midnight screening opening night at The Chicago Horror Film Festival, located at FACETS (1517 W. Fullerton).

Winter Island is ready to haunt horror fans around the world and has already won “Best Feature” at Bleedingham Horror Film Festival and “Best of the Fest” at The Thing in the Basement Horror Film Festival.

When young Abby Carter goes missing, her once cohesive, doting family begins to diverge. As they search with local authorities, her brother Galen already sees the bleak writing on the wall. It’s only a matter of days before police make the gruesome discovery-her shallow grave on a small island a mile out from their lake-front property. Galen, desperate for answers while coming to terms with the trauma, begins experiencing visions of Abby. Against his devout father’s wishes,Galen searches for answers that point right back to the location of her grim death. Faced with an evil presence within his own family tree, Galen must decide whether to emotionally depart from his tragic circumstances or endure more suffering in his painful search for the truth held by the mystical island.

Short synopsis: When a young girl is found dead on a small, wooded island, her teenage brother’s postmortem visions point to an evil presence within their own family.

Winter Island is Directed by Tony Doupé (Safety Not Guaranteed) and produced by Clark Coffey (Skymall 007), Chris Taylor (Martingale), David Harlos (Half Empty), Arthur Rains-McNally (Look Up in the Sky) and James Dailey (Technolust).

Genre: Horror

Director: Tony Doupé

Screenwriters: Chris Taylor & Clark Coffey

Cast: Elijah Carnazzo, Jason Adkins, Ashlyn Harlos and Katie Prentiss

Producers: Clark Coffey Arthur Rains-McNally, James Dailey, David Harlos, Chris Taylor Executive Producer: Sanatan Kadakia

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