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Occult Incorporated Kickstarter Launch

From the Kickstarter page:

In partnership with Second Sight Publishing. Welcome to the world of magic, witchcraft and sacrifice in this two issue limited series. What is thought to be a routine exorcism turns into a reunion of sorts for Amana. As they battle a demon that possessed her brother that has plans of his own. Khalil is going to try to conjure his mother from a self-exile dimension used to monitor her son’s activities and seal her in the jewel’s dimensional realm and release the demon that he made a deal with.

Amana Bello is the head of the Saint Christine’s hospital. This is not an ordinary hospital. This is an institution that specializes in the paranormal and other-worldly cases. Amana with the help of her assistant Marius and their two employees. Yu, a castor and Matthew, a werewolf, and head of security for the hospital. Amana and the crew are about to have the run-in of their lives with someone unexpected from Amana’s past.


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