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Actiongirls: Soldiers of the Dead Part I

Actiongirls: Soldiers of the Dead Part I
Review by: KFelon

I want to thank director Scotty JX for giving me the chance to review Actiongirls Soldiers of the Dead Part I. If you have never seen any of Scotty JX’s work then I suggest going to the official website to find out more about him, his rising starlets, his movie Soldiers of the Dead Part I, and to view the trailers and photos. You can find the official website at and can also see more of Scotty JX’s work at .

Soldiers of the Dead takes place in the near future after global warfare has finally fucked everyone over and an estimated 5 billion people are dead. The governments have fallen and the world is under the rule of gangs and dictators.

actiongirls-posterHelman Himmler has taken over this neighborhood and is rounding up as many hot bodied women as he can for slaves. He makes these women fight to the death in his arena as well as uses them for himself and his men to procreate with. Himmler’s Black Queen, a rather tasty looking Adriana Zarcova in a Nazisploitation outfit straight out of an Ilsa flick, tires of his cheating and leaves to start her own gang. She stumbles upon an old lab with an elixir that allows her to reanimate and control the dead. Himmler must be having a bad week because he also loses his best female fighter, the incredibly smoking hot Susana Spears of Playboy and other men’s publications. She joins forces with former female police officer, played by Emily Kova, and together they’ll try to bring down Himmler and the Black Queen anyway they can.

With a budget of five million dollars, Scotty has filmed a movie that branches into many cult favorite genres. The movie is a post apocalyptic exploitation film with a mix of nazisploitation, horror, and action thrown in for good measure. I think besides not having a conclusive ending, this movies only real down point is the fact it really needs some voice over work for some of the subtitles and particularly for the movie’s introduction.

Let’s face it folks, this isn’t a movie to watch with your granny. It is technically a low budget film so you can’t go in expecting perfection, but you also can’t expect a clean family movie. You can expect a pretty damn good soundtrack that will rock your speakers if you have a good setup. This movie features several severely hot women whom really steam up the screen, particularly during the first part of the movie. Soldiers of the Dead does feature some drool-worthy full female nudity, which more than makes up for many of the small imperfections you may notice. The undead soldiers in this film are the fast zombie type since I know some of you have a preference. Don’t expect a lot of prosthetics and makeup on the zombies the Black Queen reanimates as she only likes freshly dead muscle men. The action is relatively well played out, but this movie is really all about the sexy ladies.

I recommend renting this one if you can.




Soldiers of the Dead would be a great movie to watch with any of your open-minded buddies or drunken college companions!