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Here is the latest film from ToeTag Pictures… Murder Collection V.1. As you may well know I am a huge fan of Toe Tag and the extreme brutal films they have deliver to us in the past. Along with the special effects work on those films and countless others, they continue to make original films with original styles. Murder Collection is no exception to that!

I have to say this one is a bit different than all of the ToeTag work, and most all movies for that matter.

The story of Murder Collection is a simple one. Back in the early days of the internet, there was this website devoted to all those real-death clips. Yeah kinda like Faces of Death type of clips, but only real! Balan is the host with the most, and after a few months of being live, the site was eventually taken down by authorities, although the host was never found… and never stopped collecting. So we get to witness hi Murder Collection!

This film is essentially a bunch of short films, shot in the usual viral type way you see now on you tube, but with the content more like YNC. If you don’t know what that is, just copy that into Google and go find out.. not work safe!

So with that said, Toe Tag has put together these clips in a way that is hard to see if they are real, fake, or just something sent in to them from some random freaks. Each one is different than the next, and each one is shot and made so realistic that it really is hard to tell if its real or fake. Clips ranging from a revengeful boyfriend and decides to take care of his girlfriend, to an armed robbery of a bar, various strong arm robberies that look like they just came from the evidence pile at the police station, to an autopsy and hostage situation. Almost as realistic as any real one you can witness yourself. Each one shot with the same type of camera that you would imagine it being shot with if it were real. Webcams, security cam, and your own handy cam or something like that. Toetag does a great job with that and even with all of the blips, beep, tracking problems, shaky-ness of the cameras, even to the subtle audio variations (or no audio at all) that each camera would do.

Each of these clips show just how good ToeTag is a making us believe what you are watching. Certain clips have long pauses in them, like someone is walking from one room and back again. Nothing in the frame other than a bed, and some pictures on the wall, but in the background you can sort of hear what is going on, and only wonder what will happen and what those noises are. This only adds to the detail of the film and adds to the uncertainty of what may come next. With each clip and short, you get a sense of anger almost. Not that you are mad at watching this, but mad at yourself for watching this! Its almost like you can not believe that you are sitting there watching each and every minute of someones death. Just like the other clips online you can get a real feel that this is not suppose to happen, but you can not help but watch it. Humanity has certain elements engraved in its brain, and the voyeuristic element is strong with most people. Even if you don’t think you can watch anything like this, you end up doing it.. and sometimes wanting more

Between the clips is the host Balan, giving us some insight on why you are doing what you are doing. Odd random boxes on the screen, filled with parts of the hosts face (remember this is a web series and you are watching illegal deaths on camera.. so no real hosts face here) add to the strangeness of the film, and show you that this could be totally true and real somewhere.

Ive seen a lot of videos like this before, from middle eastern be-headings, soldiers fighting in war, and security stuff. Some of these clips from Murder Collection almost look too real. ToeTag has done a great job of putting this together and showing the public something that they would never watch online anywhere. The special effects work is top notch as always and that only adds to everything.

Brutal and honest clips of real life and death. Its different alright, and im sure that some people will not understand, get what is going on, or just turn it off after the first couple of clips. You really have to understand that this is meant to get you watching something you thought you may never watch, and the host of the films also tells that to you. Why do we watch this stuff?? Its almost like we have to…to understand why it happens, but you never really learn why do you? Shit, I had to watch this thing twice to really soak it all in.

Murder Collection V.1 does a great job of showing you the most brutal acts of human violence and perversion, but in the most safe and sanitary way possible. You get to witness humans acting in the most inhuman way, and you get to see what is being reported on the news everyday! Its different than most movies, experimental, and odd… but it shows you that Fred Vogel and Toe Tag are capable of writing and filming just about anything in a manner that will have you shocked and in wonderment….. Murder Collection will have you muttering to yourself… “what the hell did I just watch? Was I supposed to see that?”

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