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DIRECTED BY: Steve Hudgins
REVIEWED BY: Mario Dominick

Steve Hudgins and Big Biting Pig Productions, the indie team from Kentucky who gave us The 3rd Floor and Maniac on the Loose, bring us this fun creature feature which is their take on the El Chupacabra story which has been done in horror many times before. Only their movie is much more creative and entertaining than most movies in recent years that try to tell this story.

A group of Kentuckians get together for a tour through the woods and are out to see if the stories about the El Chupacabra (or “GoatSucker”) sightings in the area spoken of by local folks and a couple goofballs who shoot a local TV show on it are true or not. Folks start disappearing and it’s not too long before the tour guide disappears and the group is faced with a bloody nightmare as the “GoatSucker” begins stalking them and people start to die off in gory ways.

GoatSucker is perhaps Big Biting Pig Productions’ best picture to date. It features some pretty decent FX for a micro budget picture, some moments of humor, and a twist ending that’s very inventive and one that you would never guess was coming.

BBPP’s beautiful, professionally manufactured and mastered DVD release of GoatSucker presents the film in widescreen with some deleted scenes, a blooper reel, and two trailers as extras.

Those with a love for low budget, homegrown B-movie horror should definitely have a good time with BBPP’s release of GoatSucker. It’s definitely one of the better El Chupacabra stories I’ve seen and a quirky B grade horror effort that makes for a good viewing on a boring evening when there’s nothing else good on cable.

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Written by vdlman