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Well it looks like everyone and their mom may be getting into the horror scene, famous rappers included as well. Looks like the Real Slim Shady is going to start making his own horror comics and films, the Shady Talez (yes with a “z”). Check out more below…

Eminem is rumored to be heading back to the silver screen. On Tuesday, a report hit that Mr. Mathers is currently in the preparation stages of a new series of horror comics and films entitled ‘Shady Talez.’ Em’s first foray into film was the 2002 semi-biographical drama ‘8 Mile,’ which won the rapper an Oscar for Best Original Song.

“Shady Talez’ is a fictional horror comic book that literally sucks its reader into its very pages,” explains the site. “Each horror story is a wink at an original classic, such as ‘Christine,’ ‘Aliens’ and ‘The Lost Boys,’ while Eminem puts his own dark spin on the genre playing multiple characters and introducing new stories to the new horror generation.”

Update: Unfortunately, it seems Eminem’s Shady Talez project has been shelved indefinitely. Like other projects of his, including a thriller called Have Gun, Will Travel and a boxing drama titled Southpaw, Eminem has decided to focus instead on his music and producing his eighth album. It is probably for the best, as his live answering service and various interviews listed the Shady Talez project as everything from a 3-D take on The Twilight Zone to a crazed, demented version of Alice in Wonderland. Although Underworld co-creator Kevin Grevioux was set to write the script, phone calls to representatives couldn’t confirm if a script was created and it appears that, should Eminem produce any movie, it most likely would be Southpaw.

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  1. I'd like to see shady again on silver screen cause i like 8 mile very much.I was more excited because of tracks of the movie for shady talez i said this because he had given superb track "Lose Yourself" for 8 mile. I hope he gives more like that. But i'm expecting a good rap track rather than a track depicting someone's rape or murder because we have enough of that in relapse. Hey shady we hope to see you again. Come back soon. This world's missing you.

  2. go eminem your 100% best mc rapper in the world your known for that 8 mile i have to say was the best movie in 2002 its sound track lose yourself aswell was the best song in 2002 it was the best feeling when i heard eminem was back with a new album relapse and now with a new movie shady talz!

    eminem dezervs to win best music video of 2009!

    great to have you back slim shady no.1 fan in the world

  3. em u dont know how much young people love u in iran!i am a persian rapper and u are my hero ijust follow your way!

  4. yo slim, i'm a new rapper called Konvict and alot of my songs were inspired by u, and true, shady talez will be kick ass! ;)

  5. you em i just love your fukin crazy music.a big fan from oradea(romania)please do your heare like before(sory if i dont write verey good english(the true is that i learn more english 4 your music that at school)im just waityng the relapse2.pleaseeee sing like before with your voice(i love your furios voice like kim-till i colapse-go to sleep and recent song my careful what u wish 4-best song of yearrrr.peace meeen.fuck paul walll(hahahaha)

  6. HaHa!! That post from shady baby was funny as hell. Saying fuck paul wall. Shady is the shit and always will be the shit.

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