The Valley of the Zombies Review

The Valley of the Zombies.(1946) Reviewed by Brian Kirst

Rebuked by many zombie lovers for its absence of ‘true’ zombies, The Valley of the Zombies is still a moody and fun blast from the past.

After the mysterious Ormond Murks (an effectively creepy Ian Keith, who had been considered for the role of 1931’s Dracula) visits the Valley of the Zombies, he discovers he needs consistent blood transfusions in order to survive. Caught red handed stealing blood at one clinic, his murderous nature soon has plucky nurse Susan Drake (an almost unbelievably beautiful Adrian Booth) and Dr. Terry Evans (Robert Livingston) on his trail.

Done on the cheap by RKO Pictures, The Valley of the Zombies still manages to charm with some picturesque editing and quirky interludes (involving bungling cops and open graves at one point and a wandering cow at another), proving itself to be a neglected gem and Booth (whose character, unfortunately, takes a turn half-way through from smart ass to shrieking Mimi) is truly a striking presence worth seeking out in her own right.