The Tunnel and Facing the Darkness: A Movie Review


Director: Carlos Ledesma.

Writers: Enzo Tedeschi and Julian Harvey.

The Tunnel is an independent Australian feature from The 135K Project production company and writers Enzo Tedeschi and Julian Harvey. This feature is unique, by allowing fans of filmmaking to purchase frames from the production, to partially fund this film. Now, horror fans can freely download The Tunnelthrough legal bittorrents. Released May 19th, The Tunnel is a claustrophobic look at a creature living hundreds of feet below Sydney. Here, several news reporters find an exclusive news story that is very hazardous to their health.

The film begins with Natasha (Bel Delia), Peter (Andy Rodoreda), Steve (Steve Davis) and Tangles (Luke Arnold) venturing deep below grounds, in search of a horrifying news story. Apparently, several homeless people have disappeared in several pre-World War II bomb shelters. Their disappearances and rumours of lumbering monsters are also holding up a water recycling program. Once underway, this film crew descends deeper and deeper into a series of mazelike tunnels. You the viewer will feel a developing tension, as all exits seem to point ever downward into the looming darkness.

Getting back to the surface is not a simple task and the appearance of a supernatural beast further complicates matters, while terrifying the news crew. Much like Peter A. Dowling’s Stag Night, there is something lurking beneath the busy streets of the booming metropolis above. That something is kept often out of frame, or shown through night vision lenses. So, identifying what the creature actually is might be impossible. However, the unending tunnels and crevices act as a second villain, thwarting the protagonists ascent to safety.

Also, once the film crew’s battery packs and lights begin to fade, the darkness’ presence begins to move forefront. Here, the creature is free to play with his/her victims and thankfully, viewers are one step back from the action. Meanwhile, Natasha finds her hot news story, but at what price? Much of the film crew has disappeared, or they have been injured and the tension from the film is built through the unseen. You just never know when a maniacal homeless person will jump out from behind a corner, or a pillar. Or is the creature something less human?

Horror fans must check out director Carlos Ledesma’s The Tunnel now, for some fun times spent in a sinister, real life location. Once you hit play, you will feel the drama of the piece, which is often entertaining. Only foreknowledge of which characters survive the events below hinders the entertainment factor. Yet, in the end, The Tunnel is a thrilling time spent finding out what lurks in a fictional labyrinth beneath Sydney, Australia.

Overall: 7.75 out of 10 (good acting, excellent sets, an interesting story and there is no fluff here).

Watch the film below, by downloading the film legally:

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  • moviefun50000

    Movies like Blair witch project and this one do not scares me at all .. and it´s pretty boring watching, especially plenty of interviews … I give it 1 from 10. Waist of time!

  • MarkusD

    thats because you have a small dick or sand in ur vagina

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