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Shaun of The Dead to become a LEGO set. Maybe…

There is a site called LEGO CUUSOO where designers can create their own LEGO sets. Said designers can then post pictures and descriptions of their creations on the website where people can “like” or “support” the project. If the set/project receives 10,000 or more “likes” or “supporters,” then LEGO will officially view the project and take it into consideration. If they decide they like it, LEGO will officially make it into a real box design and ship it out to toy stores for purchase. The original creator will then get 1% of all total sales of the new LEGO design.

Shaun of The Dead is one of those aspiring sets that is seeking support. Click here to check it out and make sure you click the support button! I’ll post some pictures below. The set that is being pushed is the infamous Winchester Pub. It comes with weapons, bar glasses, and zombies! What can I say? I’d buy it! *Other horror/scifi sets on the CUUSOO website include Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Back to The Future.


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