Ryan Scott Weber

Ryan Scott Weber


Ryan Scott Weber born in Morristown, New Jersey on Feb. 24th 1980 and now lives in Bernardsville, New Jersey. Ryan at the age of 31 is a Director, Editor, Producer, Writer and Actor, Voice-actor, Casting Director, Drummer and Owner of Weber Pictures in New Jersey. He graduated Bernard’s High School class of 1998. He never left the video production room at school and would not leave till sometimes 9pm at night. He is a Huge fan of the movie “Back To The Future” and 80’s films. He won the video production award of the year in 1998. When he was about 15 years old he started with an old VHS camcorder making short movies and music videos. For almost 17 years now he is still Directing, Editing, Writing, Producing, Acting and Shooting. Weber also plays drums in the Trustkill Records band Crash Romeo for many years. His first feature is Mary Horror was shot March-May 2011 for only 4,500 dollars. He also has plans to make hhis next film for only 3,000. Other short films include. “Sales Pitch” “Sales Pitch 2” “Hillbilly Jim” The music video “Dial M for Murder” and “When All Else Fails” for Crash Romeo.


1997- A Day with the Doc -Short Film
Director, Actor (Man with problems), Editor, Writer, Camera, Producer

1998- Convict- Short Film
Director, Actor (Main Convict) , Editor, Camera, Writer, Producer

1998– Sales Pitch -Short Film
Director, Writer, Editor, Actor (Evil Boss), Camera, Producer

1999- Sales Pitch 2 -Short FIlm
Director, Writer, Editor, Actor(Hillbilly BIlly/Evil Boss), Camera, Producer

2000-Hillbilly Jim -Short Film
Director, Writer, Editor, Actor( Hillbilly Billy), Camera, Producer

2001- The Hillbilly’s Short Film
Director, Writer, Editor, Actor( Hillbilly Billy), Camera, Producer

2002- Crash Romeo “Dial M for Murder” Music Video
Director, Writer, Editor, Actor (Drummer), Camera, Producer

2004- Crash Romeo “Get up Shut up” Music Video
Writer, Actor (Drummer), Producer

2004- Worst Caser Scenario
Director, Writer, Producer, Editor, Casting Director, Camera Operator, Principal Actor (Mark), Lighting

2006- Crash Romeo “Popular Video”
Producer, Co-writer, Actor(Drummer)

2011-Mary Horror
Director, Writer, Actor (Emt #1/ DJ Red)
Producer, Editor, Casting Director, Assistant Camera and Electrical Department




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