Comic Review: Vampire Guardian Angels, The Guardian Issue #1

In a world where Guardian Angels are no longer protective spirits who care for you through life’s hardships… I mean, not that I can blame them… Can you imagine listening to millions of people whine about their lives and ask for your help every day since the beginning of humanity? It’s no wonder to me that some Guardian Angels would be like, “You know what? No! No more!” Satan was an Angel before he was cast out of Heaven, by the way, and just look how he turned out.

Vampire Guardian Angels brings the innovative tales of Lia Scott Price and her original story and characters and fleshes them out into fully mastered comic book pages. These characters have been featured before in the graphic novel Serial Killer and Vampire Guardian Angels, and books The Guardian, Revenant, and Dominion. Now they have left the printed pages and entered the world of comic books.

And this is issue #1 of the first volume, The Guardian. Think of this as a pilot. A pilot is what television shows create early on to show what they have to offer. From there, it’s up to television networks to either purchase the show or leave it on the shelf. In this case, The Guardian Issue #1 is a pilot for Lia Scott Price’s comic book series. Readers will get to know some of the characters and understand how the supernatural ones came to be. This is what Lia will use to sell the rest of the series to the general public, especially avid comic book readers. I’m pretty sure this will pick up sizable attention.

It’s no secret that I’m not a big comic book reader, although I have been getting into them more lately with Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season 9 and Dead Meat. I’m starting to see that each comic is uniquely different and that there is more than one way to draw a human, or in this case a dead human…or evil Guardian Angel. I have to give a lot of credit to Andrew Setter and Chad Hammontree for their artistic abilities featured in this comic book. I would describe their work here as a mixture of gothic and a throwback to the early days of comic books, and that is not an insult by any means. I’m saying I could see them being top artists back in the day when Batman and Superman were at their highest of highs, and I feel like that style of comic book drawing really needs to make a comeback.

Although the comic book is completely colored in shades of grey – black and white – there is still one color also on the pages, the most important color – red. Yes, gore fans, the story by Lia Scott Price is very gory and there are splashes of red on almost every page. And I think that is something everyone can enjoy, especially horror fans!

With a clear beginning, middle, and end, Vampire Guardian Angels – Guardian Issue #1 tells a very complete story. It introduces you to the characters, some of the backstories, and sets up the pieces for what I hope will be a very long comic book series. You should at least pick this up for its originality. Vampire lovers, I assure you, it’s something you’ve never seen before…unless you’ve already read something by Lia Scott Price. The comic isn’t completely perfect – with some of the drawings needing a little more detail and the word panels needing to be clearer in terms of plot development – but this is still a very solid comic book. You can purchase it for yourself or for someone you know by [clicking here].

**** outta ***** stars

Written by MGDSQUAN

(Senior Editor) MGDSQUAN