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Coyote Takes a Trip to the Surreal with Actor Bill Oberst Jr.: First Trailer

Coyote is a horror film from director Trevor Juenger. This film is a surreal look at mental illness as the character Bill (Bill Oberst Jr.) becomes unhinged. Trapped in his mind, Bill begins to act more and more strangely.

Fans of David Lynch (Mulholland Drive) will find something of note here. Juenger’s filmmaking style, while dark, offers many fleeting images. Each image seems disconnected from the other with Juenger showing mental illness through the eyes and experiences of Bill. And, horror fans can take a look at some of these images in the trailer below.

Director/writer: Trevor Juenger.

Cast: Bill Oberst Jr., Joe Hammerstone, Victoria Mullen, Bill Finkbiner, Shawn I. Chevalier, and Heather Schlitt.

The trailer for the film is here:


And, a fan page for the film is listed in the sources section below:

About the Author: 28DLA

28DLA Michael Allen is the central writer for horror and review site 28DLA. Here, Michael contemplates indie horror, classic horror and sometimes major horror releases. We also review horror titles, write commentaries, talk about post-apocalyptic television and interview horror talent. Stop by for a visit and give us your take on horror!

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