My Big Bad Wolf


‘My Big Bad Wolf’ is about a couple living in the woods – a nondescript place out of time. The couple’s relationship is deteriorating, as they have confused love with possession. The two bait each other, constantly playing mind games.

But are these mind tricks really…games? The girl starts seeing herself – a double of herself – and wonders if it is all a dream, or if her reflection has escaped into reality. Her own mind deteriorates and she is finally confronted with – herself.


Chelsea Ross Miller
Vasilios Asimakos

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Some common themes throughout include the game of hide-and-seek, and the act of running, both of which are used as a physical representation of the need to escape. As the film leads into its climax, the woman and her double end up in a game of hide-and-seek, a way of forcing the woman to confront herself.

This brings both the woman and her double to a field laden with black-and-white masked beings, a point in the film in which the woman gains strength and now chases her own double, a knife in-hand.

The hunting knife is also used throughout the film, tying back to the overall inspired take on Little Red Riding Hood. The knife is used first to provoke the young woman, whether used by the man, or by her double. The choice to use a knife is very intentional, as a hunting knife is small and hand-held, allowing the user to feel an almost personal, visceral response to its use. The knife is used to stab both the woman – her double – and the man, himself.

The film was shot both on a HDV camera, and was personally shot on 16mm film using a Bolex camera. The narrative structure is experimental, utilizing jump cuts that allow space and time to be displaced and restructured into this piece, expressing the psychological disjuncture of the young woman. The 16mm film will be used throughout to exaggerate the dreamlike and almost scary state of the woman’s fragile mentality.

The director had also made a custom, kaleidoscope lens used when filming on the Bolex, an example of the visual effect can be seen in the trailer on Vimeo.

Written by Mitchell Wells

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