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1984 – Ashley C. Williams, who appeared in “The Human Centipede (First Sequence)”, “Hallows’ Eve”, “Paranormal Movie”, “Hallow Pointe”.

1970 – Matthew Lillard, who starred in the films “Scream,” the 2001 remake of “Thir13en Ghosts” and did a heck of a job as “Shaggy” in the film “Scooby Doo.”

1959 – Nastassja Kinski, daughter of Klaus, who appeared in the films “To the Devil a Daughter,” the 1982 remake of “Cat People” and “.com For Murder.”

1948 – Michael Des Barres, appeared in “I, Monster”, “Ghoulies”, “Nightflyers”, and “Waxwork II: Lost in Time”.

1947 – The late great musician Warren Zevon who wrote the tune “Werewolves of London”.

1943 – The late Sharon Tate who appeared in the film “The Fearless Vampire Killers,” directed by (and starring) her husband Roman Polanski. She also had a small role in the film “Rosemary’s Baby.”

1920 – Diminutive actor Jerry Maren, who appeared in the films “The Wizard of Oz,” “Superman and the Mole Men” and a had a bit part in “Planet of the Apes.” He also appeared in “House” (the movie, not the TV series) and “The Being.”

1917 – Ernest Borgnine, starred in the films “Willard,” “The Devil’s Rain” and “Escape From New York.”

Nastassja Kinski
Nastassja Kinski
Ernest Borgnine
Ernest Borgnine

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