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Born on this day in horror history-February 8th

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February 8th

1974 -Seth Green, who appeared in the films “Idle Hands,” “Ticks” and the TV series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

1955 – Ethan Phillips, who appeared in the films “Critters,” “The Shadow,” “The Island” and the TV series’ “Werewolf” and “Star Trek: Voyager.”

1953 – Mary Steenburgen, who starred in the films “Time After Time,” “Dead of Winter” and “Back to the Future Part III.”

1949 – Brooke Adams, who co-starred in the films “Shockwaves,” the 1978 remake of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” and “The Dead Zone.”

1933 – Jack Larson, who played “Jimmy Olsen” on the “Adventures of Superman,” TV series.

1932 – The great film composer John Williams, who is one of the greatest film composers of all-time.  Some of  his films include “Jaws”, “Star Wars”, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, “Superman”, “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, “E.T. – The Extra-Terrestrial”, “Jurassic Park”, “Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone” and many more too numerous to list.

1902 – Lyle Talbot, who appeared in the films “Glen or Glenda,” “Tobor the Great” and “Plan 9 From Outer Space.”

1828 – Author Jules Verne, whose novels include “Journey to the Center of the Earth,” “Master of the World” and “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.”

Seth Green
Seth Green
Jack Larson
Jack Larson

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