aaaueposterDirector – Ken Klein (Hybrid World: The Plan to Modify and Control the Human Race)
Starring – George Huber, Ken Klein, and Allison Kruse
Release Date – 2012
Rating – 3.5/5

I do enjoy a good documentary but it has to be a topic or subject that I find interesting.  Documentaries are one of the many reasons I keep forking out my cash to stream Netflix.  Most, though they are biased, still offer some great insight and knowledge.

I received this documentary with Sloppy the Psychotic and Alien Agenda.  After watching Alien Agenda I was not looking forward to this one and the name did not make me want to watch it either.  However, after having someone take the time to send me a screener to review I felt obligated.

**Spoiler Alert**This documentary follows the host as he interviews alien and conspiracy theorists that have “witnessed” unexplained phenomenon.  Those interviewed explain pictures they have taken of unexplained flying saucers, rods, orbs, and other paranormal/extraterrestrial entities.  Those same individuals have studied other various sitings and have theorized what they believe they truly are.


Some of those interviewed have various explanations and even go as far as to suspect the government are behind various cover ups.  The documentary comes to a close as a field team go out to a “hot spot” of alien activity in hopes of finding evidence.**Spoiler Alert**

I threw this one in knowing I would not like it, however, it pleasantly surprised me.  This movie, though it was a subject I do not care for, was very entertaining and kept me watching till the very end.  The interviews are very one sided but the people were filled with a passion for the topic and provided a lot of insight and knowledge on the subject matter.

Unfortunately, the interviews were kind of biased.  I would have liked to see an interview of someone who does not believe in the subject matter.  It would have been interesting to see their take on the photos and allocations by those that believe.  Overall, this is a very interesting documentary about a topic I do not care that much about.  I highly recommend it.



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