For the passed four week I have been bringing you guys and gals an episode of the web-series The Attack of the Brain People.  Well, here is episode 4.  If you have yet to watch an episode of the show then please head over to the series’ Vimeo page and check them out.

Those of you unfortunate enough to know what The Attack of the Brain People is about should really read this below!

The Attack of the Brain People Facebook page has this to say about the project; “while having a picnic, Bobby and Claire hear a crash in the woods. After going to investigate, Claire is attacked by a strange creature. Bobbys runs to find help, but is kidnapped by a group of mysterious men in suits. Bobby must escape from them, and find a way to stop the alien menace before it takes over the whole world!”

So check out this week’s episode below and then head over to Facebook and give their page a like!
[vimeo 70695487 w=500 h=281]

The Attack Of The Brain People – Episode 4 – The Betrayal from Mass Grave Pictures on Vimeo.


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