Death Walks Achieves Genuine Zero Budget Status


When Death Walks went into production it was the intention to achieve a truly zero budget movie. From the point of shooting beginning to it’s end, it transpired to be just that. With just 12 hours out of a 100 hour shoot left to complete, not a single penny has gone into the movie.
People chose instead to donate their time, products, or talent in order to make Death Walks a reality.

Death Walks is a zombie film with a very clear difference, it steers clear of tried and tested methods, and does something very different. Shooting in a London shopping centre, it would be easy to create a movie that just looks like Dawn Of The Dead. Death Walks is a much more psychological film, with a twist so catastrophic it’s hoped audiences jaws will fall through the floor.

Even though no money has been spent, it does not mean that talent is in short supply, the film stars Lucinda Rhodes (Dream Team, Dead Cert) and Joanna Finata (Rush) who head up an ensemble cast of professionals, and amateurs making their first steps into the movie world.

As Death Walks was created from nothing, if any money is made from the film it will go into investing in new tim-makers trying to get their micro-budget projects off the ground.

Death Walks was not just made for an entertainment purpose, it was designed to show that if you have the write skills, levels of persuasion it’s possible to create a zero budget movie and get people to be passionate about it. The end result, if these guys can do it, then so can you.

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Tim says:

I doubt it is entirely zero budget. I can see everyone joining for no charge, and even obtaining the location for free. However someone must have spent money on feeding everyone surely?

Shaun says:

It’s been fairly well publicised that supermarkets, and Subway fed all the cast free of charge.

martin ,(cast as andy) says:

as well as being cast in the film ,i also supplied a specialist car so me and car i gave for free.
spencer is the kind of guy you really want to help ,an inspiring fella then encouraged me to take a cast part and do it well.
thanks spencer
and a superb cast and crew

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