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Deadly Beauty: Horror’s Scream Queens and Rising Talent: Julie Strain


Deadly Beauty: Horror’s Scream Queens and Rising Talent: Julie Strain

421423_361435377223918_985762536_n“I reinvented myself at the age of 28 and have since been merchandised on everything from a Zippo lighters to interactive CD-ROMs.

It was all carefully orchestrated and planned, originally by me, then by me in tandem with my ex-husband, publisher, producer and co-creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Kevin Eastman.

Thought of as a genuine cult heroine. My series of action/adventure and fantasy movies have earned me a fan base that many mainstream stars envy. I have been featured on television, in music videos, laser discs, calendars, posters, greeting cards, coffee mug and countless trading card sets and websites.

You may have seen me on covers and layouts in everything from Penthouse to Femme Fatales, from Vogue to Cosmopolitan, from Natural Body Building to American Rodder.

I even taught fine art and photography class at U.C.L.A. Quickly I became the photographer of choice for models, Playmates and adult entertainers for their websites.

I was Judge Julie on Playboy TV’s Sex Court.

I am Heavy Metal’s fakk2.

I had to sleep in my truck when I first arrived in Hollywood and I saw myself as being a “painfully thin ugly duckling” in high school.

How did it happen? “I chose to shoot for Penthouse and with the seed money and the “Pet of the Year” title, I started my own business.

One of my first movies was Repossessed with Leslie Nielsen and Linda Blair. “I had two scenes, was paid $100 and had a trailer
with my name on the door. It was the Big Time!”

I did extra work on Bugsy and The Doors, to name only a couple, as well as a body double for Geena Davis in Thelma and Louise. “However, Geena started feeling comfortable with the love scenes with Brad Pitt, so I was paid but never used!”

I grew up in Concord, California. At age 13, I was already six feet tall and an outstanding athlete, but found adolescence difficult. “I was a wild kid,” “Always in trouble of one sort or another.”

My first boyfriend after high school was a body builder and, through him, I began to develop the physique that won me the respect and admiration I have today. To his credit, he also insisted that I attend college. I earned an AA degree, with honors.

My body building career was short lived.

Then I lost my past.

It was the result of an accident. I was riding my horse when it was spooked. I sustained head injuries from the fall that left me with amnesia and very few clear memories of my past life.

I took some time to recover and travel, while in Las Vegas attending a championship fight, I was spotted by several entertainment industry executives who showed enough “real” interest for me to travel to Los Angeles.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Premier Magazine, observing my list of credits in movies such as Fit to Kill, Dark Secrets, Day of the Warriors and Sorceress, to name a few, proclaimed me to be “Queen of the B Movies”. “These movies are straight forward action/adventure/horror/fantasy and often go straight to pay channels and home video. As my favorite director, Andy Sidaris, says, ‘Let’s go…bring on the babes, guns and dynamite…we’re a thousand shots behind!’

They are popular and they’ve given me a wonderful, loyal legion of fans. I know my strengths and I don’t feel compelled to compromise my standards or represent myself as someone I’m not.”*

Location: I am in Southern California halfway between San Diego and Hollywood and I never ever never go to Hollywood. I do not want to leave my doggies! I want to stay home and cook and go to the gym and just my doggies all day! Happy to be retired. I can watch other people on TV. I love the Kardashians! I watch them all the time, every day. As a matter of fact, they keep me company while I’m cleaning and cooking.

1. How did you get into the industry?

I got discovered at a boxing match in Las Vegas Sugar Ray Leonard andDuran and then walked me into the arena and I got a standing ovation from the whole crowd and he became my manager and I did a tall girl pictorial and started doing extra work and movies Steven Seagal out for justice and John Claude Van Damme Double Impact and it just went on from there Beverly Hills Cop 3 Naked Gun 33 and a third and then indeed Sedaris discovered me and I started doing all his movies

2. What Scream Queen inspired you most?

I did not know what a scream queen was so I did not know who to look up to but the Andy Sedaris girls like Donna beer and Roberta Vasquez were really uh helpful cause I work with themthey were so so nice to me also Cynthia Brimhall I did become friends with bring Stevens and she’s a wonderful person and Linnea Quigley very very nice wonderful

3. What are the next couple projects you are working on?

I am NOT working on any projects! I am hiding out selling all my stuff on Ebay. I have lots of movies and books & costumes. I have enough to sell for 10 years! I have three large storage lockers (lol) that are completely full! I do shipping all day. I’m very happy to be by myself not have to wear makeup and not have to work or talk to anyone.


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*Bio Courtesy of Julie Strain’s Website

Written by Dedman13

Owner of Slit of the Wrist FX and producer, actor, FX artist and writer.