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What Has Two Heads, Ten Eyes and Terrifying Table Manners


WHAT HAS TWO HEADS, TEN EYES, AND TERRIFYING TABLE MANNERS?, a new anthology from Mega Thump Publishing featuring 14 never-before-published short stories blending Science Fiction and Horror, has been released in digital format on Amazon. (Print version available early summer.)

These original tales, written by some of the best new genre authors from across the globe, range from the horrifying to the humorous, the thought-provoking to the surreal.

The book was edited by Sawney Hatton, author of the dark comedy novel DEAD SIZE. This is Hatton’s first foray into putting together an anthology.

“I wanted to gather not only well-told stories, but ones that used the combination of Science Fiction and Horror elements in fresh ways,” says Hatton. “This is truly an eclectic collection that should please fans of both genres.”

Hatton, a veteran screenwriter, has long been a fan of Science Fiction Horror films such as ALIEN, THE THING, and PHANTASM. It’s a hybrid genre that he feels has not been well represented in literary anthologies—until now.

The ebook of WHAT HAS TWO HEADS, TEN EYES, AND TERRIFYING TABLE MANNERS? will be first offered through Amazon exclusively, followed by all other major online book retailers including Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and Kobo.

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Written by Mitchell Wells

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