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New Episode of Cinema Cool, “Tribute to Slasher Films” Features Mischief Night Preview.


If I were ever to become a serial killer, my target would be Richard Tanne…so that I could kill him and live in his house with all his movies, film posters, and horror memorabilia. Watch the latest episode of his web-series, “Cinema Cool,” and I think you’ll agree it’s a pretty good motive.

“Cinema Cool” was wildly popular from 2010 to 2011, with episodes featuring horror topics, bad ass moments, and film reviews being the main focus of the show. Have you ever stumbled upon the YouTube channel, “Cinema Cool” was basically the horror enthusiasts answer to that. Creators Travis Baker, Richard Tanne, and Joe Lindquist fill in almost every important role in production – director, writer, producer, editor, and host. And the three men would go on to collaborate on the Lionsgate and After Dark Films original, Mischief Night. I mean, with a web-series dedicated to horror topics, how could they not create a horror movie of their very own?

“Cinema Cool” closed its doors before 2012, although all the episodes remain online here. With Mischief Night hitting retailers everywhere last week, the gang decided to produce a new episode of their series in Tribute to Slasher Films. The fun, 7 minute video is filled with factual and social commentary on slasher films intertwined with clips from dozens of the most popular slasher films around. There were even a few that I’ve never seen before, so I consider the video to be…educational!

It also contains a small preview for Mischief Night. Check it out below.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)